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DJM Insurance understands that anything can happen on a job site. Contractors shouldn’t have to worry about a mistake or an act of god sinking a project and potentially ruining their business. That’s why we offer a complete list of insurance products—but we don’t stop there! We partner with your business to ensure we offer personalized service and policies that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

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Have questions about Builders Risk insurance?
Have questions about how Builder’s Risk Insurance can fit into your policy? We have answers! If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, reach out to a DJM associate, and we would be happy to answer each and every one of your questions personally.

What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Builder's Risk Insurance covers events that can't be planned for, like fire, wind, theft, and vandalism. It may or may not include things like earthquakes, flood, or wind. However, these possibilities can be included in a policy if requested.

Who needs Builder's Risk Insurance?

Another insurance policy may cover the building, which may mean Builder’s Risk Insurance isn’t necessary. However, if it's a new build and no existing insurance policy exists, or if it will be used immediately after it is built, as is the case with rental spaces, a Builder's Risk Policy may be necessary.

How does Builder’s Risk Insurance work?

It should first be determined whether a Builder’s Risk Policy is necessary. If it is, you can work with a DJM specialist to create a policy that covers your project for events that could transpire during the course of construction. If a covered event does transpire, you can file a claim and be reimbursed for damages.

What is the difference between Builder’s Risk Insurance and Course of Construction Insurance?

There is no difference between Builder’s Risk Insurance and Course of Construction Insurance. These two terms are used interchangeably.

Who should be named as the insured on a Builder’s Risk Policy?

The policy will most likely include the owner of the building company, the general contractor, and subcontractors who may be affected to ensure every eventuality is covered.

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