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Why choose DJM for Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance can bring you peace of mind knowing your employees and business are protected if there’s an accident, but only if you have the right policy. At DJM Insurance, we are committed to providing our clients with the right insurance policy and educating you on the details of that policy, so you know exactly what it includes and what it costs. Other reasons you’ll love working with DJM include:

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Have questions about Commercial Auto insurance?
We take our job of making insurance easy seriously, which means helping you through every step of the process. That starts with answering your questions! Here are a few answers to some basic questions about Commercial Auto Insurance. For other questions, give us a call or fill out our form on our contact page.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance is a policy that covers vehicles that are used when conducting business. It can help cover physical damage and liability in the event of an accident when you or other employees are driving company vehicles on the clock.

Who needs Commercial Car Insurance?

If you use a vehicle for work purposes, or if you have employees who drive vehicles while they're on the clock, you should have Commercial Car Insurance. It’s just as important for a company that only has one or two company cars to have a policy as it is a large shipping and transport company that has dozens of drivers.

How much does Commercial Auto Insurance cost?

The cost of Commercial Auto Insurance can vary widely. Depending on your policy, you may pay anywhere between $50 and $200 a month for a policy that can include a limit of up to $1 million. It’s important to cater a policy to fit your needs and budget, which is exactly what a representative from DJM can do.

How does Commercial Vehicle Insurance work?

First, you choose a policy that works for your unique situation and your budget. Then, you pay a monthly fee that represents the amount of coverage you have. If there should be any damages to one or more of your company vehicles, or should you or one of your employees get into an accident, you can file a claim and be reimbursed. A policy can also help prevent your company from getting sued, should an employee become injured and require payments for medical supports and procedures.

What is the difference between commercial and personal insurance?

Personal Auto Insurance covers personal use of a vehicle for the people who are listed as drivers on the policy. If you get into an accident while conducting business, you may find that your policy doesn't cover the damages because personal and business policies are rated and priced differently. You could also discover that you don’t need commercial insurance for a small operation, but it’s best to check with a member of the DJM team to make sure you’re covered properly.

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