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Why choose DJM for Tools and Equipment Coverage?

At DJM Insurance, we strive to make sure you are completely informed about all of your insurance options, which means making you aware of Tools and Equipment Coverage. Because we personalize insurance to fit your needs, we will make you aware of all of your options, but we will never pressure you into coverage you don’t need. This ensures you get a policy that supports your business and your bottom line.

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Have questions about Tools & Equipment insurance?
Haven’t considered Tools and Equipment Coverage? Or maybe you don’t know what it is? We’re here to help! Check out some of our answers to frequently asked questions about this unique type of coverage.

Can you get insurance on tools?

Absolutely! This type of insurance can be added to a new or existing policy at DJM Insurance. Don’t hesitate to contact us to customize this kind of coverage for your business.

Does General Liability Insurance cover tools?

General Liability Insurance does not cover tools. It only covers expenses related to damaged property that belongs to your client.

What is considered Contractor’s Equipment Insurance?

Contractor’s Equipment Insurance is sometimes used interchangeably with Tools and Equipment Coverage. It focuses on large equipment that is transported between work sites, but it can also include other small tools. Likewise, a Tools and Equipment Policy covers small tools in addition to large equipment. What is important is that you choose a policy that covers the equipment you rely on to work on a daily basis.

Do you need receipts for Tools and Equipment Coverage?

Having receipts for the tools on your policy can help prove that you did in fact own the equipment, should you ever file a claim. However, other methods, such as repair receipts and pictures, can also prove that you owned the equipment. A general policy may not require proof of ownership until you file a claim. If you have any concerns about what would and wouldn’t be covered, make sure you bring it up with your DJM representative.

Does insurance cover stolen tools?

Yes! Whether on-site, in storage, or in transit, if any tools or equipment go missing, a Tools and Equipment Policy can cover the costs of replacing what was stolen.

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