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Insurance is something we all need, but that doesn’t mean getting insurance is easy! Whether you’re buying a home, you’re ready to get the life insurance policy you have been talking about for years, or you finally bought that motorcycle you have always wanted, it’s difficult to know how to get started.

Don’t let the confusion of getting insurance make you procrastinate getting the policy you need! Follow these three steps to get the right policy for you, your family, and your pocketbook.

Know Exactly What You Need

The very first step to getting insurance is knowing exactly what kind of insurance policy you need. Although it may seem obvious, knowing what you need isn’t as obvious as it seems.

For example, you may know you need homeowner’s insurance when buying a house, but is your home located in a flood zone? Are earthquakes a possibility? Not only are there add-ons for natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, but you might want to consider additional policies if you have a home-based business or if you own valuable items, like artwork or jewelry.

Do your research and know exactly what policy options are available, what you need, and the policies and additions you want to skip. That way, when you are buying insurance, you’ll get exactly what you need without being talked into policy additions that you don’t.

Getting Insurance? Compare Plans!

You can compare plans once you know exactly what kind of insurance you need. That might mean comparing plans from a single provider, but make sure you compare the plans from different providers.

There are multiple providers for every kind of insurance, and in some cases, there are dozens of providers! All that competition is a good thing. It means you can find exactly what you need at a price you can afford because so many insurance companies are competing for your business.

If you already have an insurance provider, make sure you ask them about your options and how much you can save by bundling your policies together, but don’t think you have to go with your existing provider. Getting insurance is the perfect opportunity to revisit your existing policies and consider new insurance companies that may be able to provide you with a better policy at a better price.

Consider Working With an Insurance Broker

Although there are a few policy providers that enable you to sign up for a policy online, most providers require you to call in and speak with someone over the phone when you’re getting insurance. That can be a good thing. Insurance representatives can answer your questions and tell you more about their policies, but it can also be frustrating. Some representatives really put on the pressure to sign up for policies you’re unsure about, which can make buying insurance uncomfortable.

One of the best ways to get around those annoying sales pitches is to work with an insurance broker. An insurance broker is someone who works with multiple insurance companies to offer a wide range of policies to their clients. Because they aren’t tied to any one particular provider, they will work with you to find a policy that actually works for you and your family—without the sleazy sales pitch.

Every insurance services company offers something unique, so make sure you do your research to find one that you’re comfortable working with. For example, DJM Insurance Services offers a wide range of personal policies, but we also specialize in contractor insurance. Other companies specialize in things like health insurance.

Getting the right insurance policy isn’t something that should happen with the click of a button. Slow down, do your research, talk to an informed insurance agent, and find the policy and provider that’s right for you.

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