How to Obtain Your License in WA

How to Obtain Your License in WA

May 23, 2019

How to Obtain Your License in WA

If you work as a contractor in Washington state, you need to carry a contractor’s license. If you’re caught doing any sort of construction tasks (even flipping personal properties) without a license, you can be fined upwards of $1,000 for your first offence. Use these steps to get your contractor’s license—and keep your jobsite open legally.

  • Register your business. Before you submit your Application for Contractor Registration, you need to prove that your business is officially formed. The simplest way to do this is to obtain a UBI number by registering your business with the WA Secretary of State. Submit your Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration (you can file both documents online here) and your completed business application to the WA Secretary of State by mail or in-person. You’ll receive a UBI number after your registration is processed. If you have employees, you also need to register with the Department of Revenue.
  • Get your EIN. Short for “employer identification number,” you’ll need your EIN to complete your Application for Contractor Registration if you have any employees. You can find this information on your federal tax return or you can request it from the IRS here.
  • Get bonded and insurance. The Department of Labor & Industries requires that WA contractors maintain at least $12,000 in bonds for a general contractor, or $6,000 in bonds for a specialty contractor. You’re also required to have at least $50,000 in property damage insurance and $200,000 in public liability coverage. DJM Insurance Services specializes in providing insurance and contractor license bonds in Washington—give us a call if you don’t already have the coverage.
  • Submit your application. Finally, you can download and fully complete your Application for Contractor Registration. Package your application with a check or money order for $113.40 to cover your application fee. Physically bring your application to your nearest Department of Labor and Industries office or mail it in to:

Department of Labor & Industries

Contractor Registration Section

PO Box 44450

Olympia WA 98504-4450

Note that if you’re mailing your application in, you’ll need to have it notarized at your own expense. You may also have to take a special exam if you’re applying for a specialty license.

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